Shimokita Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture Introducing the city of Mustu, a base for tourism, leisure and business

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Mutsu Shimokita Tourist Information
Mutsu City Tourist Association Official Homepage

Shimokita Bussan Kyokai

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Address  1-10-25 Yanagi-machi, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-22-9161
FAX  0175-23-1330
Regular holiday  Open every day April 26 ~ October 31
 Every Tuesday November 1 ~ April 25
Shimokita Peninsula is at the northernmost tip of Honshu (Japan's main island) with mountains at the back and the sea surrounding the other three sides. It is full of wonderful nature.
Our different local products are made with the bounty of the land and sea created by the rich nature together with our distinct climate.
In an environment where there's a clear sky and cool and crisp water that gushes from deep underground, we provide safe and beautiful local products by using the skills and traditions developed among local people to create and process nature's bounty from the sea and mountains.
Please select your favorite products made with distinguished local skills and nature's bounty of the Shimokita Peninsula.

Sekinoi Shuzo Ltd.

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Address  1-5-15 Yanagi-machi, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-22-3261
FAX  0175-22-3259
Hours  8:30 a.m.~5:30 p.m.
Closed  Saturday, Sunday, National holidays

Hachinoheya Ltd.


Address  47-3 Shin-machi, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-22-3324
FAX  0175-22-3327
Closed  年中無休
As a Nanbu-senbei store operating for more than 80 years, we have continued to keep our tradition of using only the best quality ingredients. We now offer more than 50 items.

Minamiya Ltd.


Address  1-17-8 Kanaya, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-22-4025
FAX  0175-22-4025
Hours  9:30 a.m.~6:00 p.m. 
Closed  January 1
Our store is called Konbuya
We offer dried and processed seafood, mainly seaweed harvested from the Shimokita Peninsula and other parts of Aomori.
We also have processed scallops from Mutsu Bay, and fruit juice and jam from Aomori.
Come to Kaisan-shokuhin Minamiya for souvenirs and gifts!

Yoshida Bakery, Main Store Monburan


Address  9-25 Shin-machi, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-23-0148
FAX  0175-22-1173
Hours  7:00~19:00
Closed  1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
Get a taste of our An-butter (sweet bean paste and butter) available only in Shimokita.
We offer packed lunches, sandwiches, and Western and Japanese style confectioneries. Please come for a visit.

Mutsu Matsukiya  Co., Ltd.


Address  1-8-8 Yanagimachi, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-22-3126
FAX  0175-22-7182
Hours  10:00 a.m.~7:00 p.m.
Closed  None
We are a department store located on the northernmost tip of Honshu.
The fresh fish section is our most popular place.
You can send your gift using the refrigerated delivery service.

Shimokita Meisan Center


Address  2-13-33 Omagari, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  050-3659-739
FAX  0175-22-2210
Hours  8:30 a.m.~5:00 p.m.
Closed  Our stores are closed January ~ March

Maeda Co., Ltd.


Address   2-4-8 Ogawa-machi, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-22-8333
FAX  0175-22-8386
Hours  Weekdays / National holidays
        9:30 a.m.~8:30 p.m. (Foods)
       10:00 a.m.~8:00 p.m. (Other floor)
       9:00 a.m.~8:30 p.m. (Foods)
       9:30 a.m.~8:00 p.m. (Other floor)
 Maeda Festival
       9:00 a.m.~8:30 p.m. (Foods)
       9:00 a.m.~8:00 p.m. (Other floor)
Closed  None
At Maeda store, we offer a wide selection of famous local products. We also handle delivery.
Please take your time and choose from our wide selection of local gifts, including scallops from Mutsu Bay, squid from Ohata, and yogurt drink from Tonamigaoka Farm. Our lively and helpful staff will be waiting to help our customers.
Please stop by Maeda main store or Maeda Store whenever you are visiting Mutsu City.

Ominato Hotate Center


Address  8-4 Ominato-shincho, Mutsu City MAP
TEL  0175-24-2000
FAX  0175-24-1568
Hours  9:00 a.m.~6:00 p.m.
Closed  Open year round
~ Perfect for souvenirs and gifts! ~
We deliver fresh scallops anywhere in the country all year round.
We also carry dried scallops and seafood.
Give us a call.

Travel Plaza Sunshine


Address  127 Mameda, Yokohama-machi MAP
TEL  0175-78-2080
FAX  0175-78-6151
Hours  8:00 a.m.~6:00 p.m.(Summer) / 8:00 a.m.~5:00 p.m.(Winter)
Closed  New year holidays (12/31~1/4) 
You can eat and shop for souvenirs from a wide selection.
One of the places you should visit during your trip to Shimokita